Two artists: a President and a Fuehrer

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So the verdict is George W. Bush’s paintings of world leaders were inspired by Google searches, further condemning the pretty terrible president’s now-officially hopeless intellect. Something about bad art and bad politics seems to go hand in hand. I can’t say I’m surprised that the only place showing Bush’s paintings is Dallas.

Bush’s awful painting, casually making international news in The Guardian

Not to say they’re quite the same, but Adolph Hitler was a failed artist as well. In fact, I think if he’d had an outlet like art school, he probably wouldn’t have let his crazy run a muck in prison pre-Holocaust, but who can say? Hitler’s artwork is clearly the product of an anal-retentive psycho. It’s so bad it’s good. #thewordsofanimportantartcritic

A 1912 painting by Hitler in the Daily Mail

Bush may be Googling, but Hilter’s painting is like a coloring book on acid. Look at how maniacally he colors in the lines…look how the vivid colors on such a tranquil, natural item look arguably ominous. Who paints flowers like this?

Maybe if Hitler had had an outlet like this for his crazy, the world would have been a better place.

Unfortunately, Putin doesn’t paint as far as I know, but look at these ridiculously accurate doppelgangers.

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Alexandra Bregman
Alexandra Bregman
Editor-at-Large, Cultbytes Alexandra Bregman has written for The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, The Art Newspaper, and the Asian Art Newspaper among others. She began her career with internships at Christie's and Gagosian gallery 10 years ago, later traveling to India and France for work and ghostwriting for a global CEO. Bregman spent time at Université Paris IV-Sorbonne, and completed degrees at Smith College and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. l igram |

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