Founded in 2015, Cultbytes is a female-led online art and culture news publication covering contemporary art from a broad but critical perspective.

Cultbytes is also a strategic communications agency catering to the cultural sector.

cult noun [kuhlt] a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. adjective of, for, or attracting a small group of devotees: a cult movie.
byte noun [ˈbīt\] a unit of computer information or data-storage capacity that consists of a group of eight bits and that is used especially to represent an alphanumeric character.

The Team

Anna Mikaela Ekstrand

Ayana Evans, Alexandra Bregman

Editor & Marketing Associate
Nina Potischman

Social Media Manager
Nina Blumberg

Graphic Design
Alli Melanson

Regular Contributors

Annabel Keenan (Contemporary Art, NY), Alexandra Israel (Contemporary Art, NY), Caira Moreira-Brown (African Diaspora Art, CHI), Vittoria Benzine (Street and Contemporary Art, NY), Taylor F. Engle (Fashion, NY/CA), Madeleine Löfberg (Creative Writer/Journalist, SF), Virginia Melodia (Set Designer, Italy), David Van Leeuwen (Attorney, BK), Alexandria Deters (Artist, NY), Jiaoyang Li (Writer and Artist, NY), Emma Shapiro (Artist and Body Equality-activist, Spain), Ben Booth (Film, NY), and Malin Ebbing (Design and Art, Stockholm/Milan).


Valeria Schiller (Curator, Kyiv/Berlin), Juliana Steiner (LatAm Art, NY/Bogotá), Rhea Boyden (Modern and Contemporary Art, Ireland/U.K), Elizabeth Muir (Auctions, NY), Amy Snyder (Art Market, NY), Etty Yaniv (Contemporary Art, NY), Jasmin Hernandez (Contemporary Art, NY), Steven Buchko (Blockchain Tech, NY), Patricia Silva (Contemporary Art, NY), Kristina Lindemann (Contemporary Art, Stockholm), Sheena Malone (Contemporary Art, Berlin), Banyi Huang (Contemporary Art, NY), Mengna Da (Contemporary Art, NY), Lux Yuting Bai (Contemporary Art, NY), Tsedaye Makonnen (Performance Art, NY), Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy (Contemporary Art/Craft, NY), Carson Wos (Textiles, NY), Isabella Ruggiero (Art and Design, NY), Fabiola Einhorn (Interactive Design, Austin), Annika Connor (Painter/Actress/Entrepreneur, NY), Cheikh Athj (Poet/Musician/Dancer, Phila.), Patrick Scorese (Curator, NY), Louise Hohorst (IR-Specialist, NY), Noe Hinojosa Jr. (Contemporary Art, TX), Christiane Gastl (Contemporary Art, Vienna), Lotte Andersen (Artist, Lima), Tatiana Kochubinska (Curator, Ukraine), Rachel Vera Steinberg (Curator, NY), Somers Gerson (Contemporary Art, London), Susanne Lingemann (Contemporary Art, NY), Sophie Sekine (Contemporary Art, London), Kerry da Silva Cox (Artist, NY), Anna Sörenson (Artist, Stockholm).

Content Collaborators

Artslooker, Gallery Gurls, Artspiel, Amy Snyder Art Advisory, Coin Central, Zsona Maco, Barnebys

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